how we met…

December 18, 2008

So I’ve been told I don’t share enough juicy details on this blog! So for anyone who is curious about our story (it is not juicy at all!)…here is how it all began!

I started school at Montclair State in September 2005, and decided that I should probably get involved in organizations to meet people and make friends and enjoy my college “experience”.  So the first or second night in my dorm my roommate  and I and heard an announcement for the ASSIST coffeehouse that night.  ASSIST is a a charity organiation (Active Students Serving in Society Together) on campus.  My roommate and I decided to go.   I saw Ralph there but I didn’t meet him – I saw him doing Karaoke  and I definitely noticed him but I don’t really remember being attracted to him.  I spent some time talking to this other person who invited me to the weekly meeting of ASSIST, and I decided to go the following Monday.

When I went I saw Ralph again, and found out his name and that he was the president of the organization.  We were sitting in a circle for the meeting and Ralph was wearing a shirt that said “yeah, Christians are hypocrites” on the front and that was all I could see.   I was curious about what the back said and then the person who invited me to ASSIST took me over to Ralph to introduce us and that person said to me “Ralph is really into church and everything” or something like that.  So I was introduced to Ralph and I said something like “what does the back of your shirt say?”  and he turned around and it said “But God’s not done with us yet” and it had a Bible verse from Philippians on it.  So we started talking a little bit and then I left.  I didn’t think much about him until a few nights later.

here is ralph in the shirt he wore the night we met

here is ralph in the shirt he wore the night we met

I got an email like two evenings later from Ralph asking if I had a church to go to.  I replied and said yes.  He replied and asked me for my AIM screenname.  I gave it to him.   We started talking online and he asked me to come hear him play the piano in the student center.  It was like 11:00 at night.   I said no…I was already ready for bed, and I didn’t even know him.  He was very persistent and I eventually decided to go mainly because he wouldn’t take no for an answer.  So I went against my better judgement and thought to myself “now I’ll have to pretend that I like his singing and his piano playing but it’s probably not good”.

this is us in March 2006, 6 months after we started dating

this is us in March 2006, 6 months after we started dating

So  I met him at the student center and he played the piano for me and sang to me and he has an amazing voice.  He played and sang and we talked about our lives and about our faith and that was it.  He didn’t even walk me back to my dorm, but   I really liked him after that night and hoped we would get to see each other again.  He started asking me to hang out and do stuff with him more and more and we were spending more and more time together.  He asked me to be his girlfriend sometime in mid-September and I said I’d think about it.  We officially started dating on September 29, 2005!

here's us on our 1 year dating anniversary

here's us on our 1 year dating anniversary

And that is how we met and started dating!  Not too exciting but it is a very special story to us.   Then on August 16th of this year he asked me to be his wife!! Maybe sometime I’ll put the story here…



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