the jcrew dresses came!

December 16, 2008

I am so excited! When my mom told me they came I felt like it was Christmas and ripped open the box.   I tried them both styles on just to see how they look since niether of my sisters are home right now. Here they are – let me know what you think!  I really have the feeling that one of these is going to be it!






6 Responses to “the jcrew dresses came!”

  1. diana :) Says:

    hey guys its diana elwood look me up on facebook if u dont kno anyway…i love the first dress the best…i like the hue and the ribbon in the middle. its really classy 🙂 great taste!

  2. Diana Says:

    I also like the first dress, the ribbon makes it so much more wedding-er. The second one is nice too, but it’s hard to see the detail. Plus I really like the V down the back of the first one, so pretty!!

  3. Michaela Says:

    yeah, i like the ribbon

  4. Christine Says:

    hey, hey lady – it’s been a while (year) since we’ve talked but congrats! and i’m agreeing with everyone else – i love the first one. the back is so dramatic!

  5. sara Says:

    I love the first one!

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