my sister in a potential bridesmaid dress

October 19, 2008

Michaela tried on a couple dresses at David’s Bridal yesterday.  This was the best one.  We might have all three girls pick their own dress from david’s bridal in that chocolate brown color.


5 Responses to “my sister in a potential bridesmaid dress”

  1. willa Says:

    I love the color! And it looks great on Michaela!

  2. ralphandanna Says:

    thanks!! I think Michaela looks gorgeous in the color too!

  3. Ruth Says:


    That dress is gorgeous. It’s a classic style – your sister looks great in it.

  4. Laura Says:

    I like it! We will have to go back to David’s Bridal! What happened to the other dresses you like, the other brown one with lace?

  5. Britt Says:

    Awe, Michae does look really pretty. And I bet that shape would be good on most people, if you decide to just go with one style. haha I like the “I’m holding a bouquet” pose.

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